2006 Eastern Zone Championships
Cicero, NY

Information and research on this page compiled by Richard Hamilton.
Photographs courtesy of Spancake's Studio.

Robert Malmstedt
Singles Champion



Donald Neilson Jr.
Doubles Champion


Debbie Ohye
Handicap Champion


Chris Vendel
HOA Champion
Seven Trophies



 Steve Huber
Class AAA in Class Doubles
5 Trophies

Robert Malmstedt wins 2006 Eastern Zone Singles title with 200x200. Donald Neilson wins Doubles with 100x100. Debbie Ohye Handicap champion.  

Canadian Paul Shaw captures HAA title and Chris Vendel wins HOA.  Debbie Ohye Neilson wins Ladies HAA and HOA

     The 2006 ATA Eastern Zone shoot returned to Cicero, NY but found the weather conditions terrible. Having to use portable generators, the event finished on time and champions were crowned in all events. A tip of the hat has to go to the NYSATA officials who made the tournament successful under impossible conditions.

Wednesday, July 26  

     The first event of the tournament, the Introductory Singles was won by William Anzaldi of Massachusetts with 100 straight. Barbara Sheldon won the Introductory Handicap with a 97x100 while Thomas Apanovitch broke 99 to take the Introductory Doubles. 

Thursday, July 27

     Robert Malmstedt broke 100 in the Blaisdell Singles on Thursday to win his first of four trophies. Phil Wright, former ATA President, broke a field high 98 to win the Eckman Handicap while Jerry Phillips broke the only 100 straight to win the Etchen Doubles. 

Friday, July 27

     Malmstedt won the Class AAA award in the Class Singles while Belinda Pascoe won the ladies trophy. William Wylie, a Canadian from London, Ontario won the Preliminary Handicap by breaking a field high 98. Wylie was High Canadian in the Grand American Handicap in 2000. Malmstedt was runner-up with a 97. Steve Huber, a Pennsylvania Hall of Famer, broke a field high 100 straight to win the Class AAA Doubles award. 

Saturday, July 28

     Malmstedt won the Singles Championship with 200 straight, one of only two perfect scores turned in curing the championship. The other was Frank Benvenuto who took the runner-up trophy. Sherry Maki won her second Zone Ladies Championship with a 196. She won in 2001 at Millington. Belinda and Frank Pascoe won the Husband/Wife title, their first. Frank, with son Joe, won two Parent/Child events, one in 2000 and the second in 2001. The Parent/Child trophy went to Paul and Drew Shaw this year. 

Sunday, July 29

     Donald Neilson from Oaks, PA won the Doubles title with the only 100 straight. Chris Vendel was second. He won the Doubles crown in 2003 at Elysburg. Debbie Ohye Neilson won the ladies crown. Debbie won the Handicap crown with a 98 and a shoot-off victory of Johnson Justin of NY. Debbie has won two Zone Doubles titles as well as a HOA crown. Paul Shaw won the HAA while Vendel took the HOA, his 4th HOA title.