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Saturday, June 10
Sandler Singles
Hensel Handicap
Sandler Doubles

Sunday, June 11
Colonial Classic Hdcp.
Colonial Classic Dbs.
Colonial Classic HAA

Preliminary Days

Monday, June 12
Trap&Field Handicap
State Team Singles
Media Handicap

Tuesday, June 13
Doubles Marathon
PA Hall of Fame Hdcp. 
Prelim. Days HOA

112th PA State Shoot

Wednesday, June 14
Ollock Singles
Lash Handicap
Ollock Doubles
Attorney General Cup

Thursday, June 15
Singles Class Champ.
Doubles Class Champ.

Friday, June 16
Krieghoff Handicap
Doubles Championship

Saturday, June 17
Singles Championship

Sunday, June 18
Handicap Championship

HAA Championship
HOA Championship
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