2006 Westy Hogans

Elysburg, PA

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Larry Shade
Westy Hogans Singles Champion


Chris Vendel
Westy Hogans HAA 
Doubles Champion


Ronald Stump
Breaks first 100 Straight

Richard Brunell
Handicap Champion

Ronald Sutton
Westy Hogans HOA
Winner of 5 Trophies

PSSA throws record 555,500 targets. Larry Shade wins first Westy Hogans Singles title with 200 straight. Debbie Ohye wins Lady of America title for 6th time. Malmstedt wins Challenge.

Chris Vendel repeats HAA and Doubles. Ron Sutton takes the HOA title. Brunell wins the Yardage title with 98x100.  

The 100th renewal of the Westy Hogans Annual Trapshooting Tournament was held on Friday, September 8th through Sunday, September 10th. Held from 1907 to 1973 in and around Atlantic City, the tournament moved to Parkers in New York for 1974 and 1975, than back to New Jersey (Pine Belt) from 1976 to 1985. In 1986 they moved to another new home, this time to Thurmont, MD for the next 13 years. The tournament was held in Millington, MD for 4 years, from 1999 to 2002. The tournament was hosted by the PSSA at Elysburg in 2003 for the first time. 

Friday, September 8

Larry Shade won the championship trophy of the Westy Hogans Class Championships. He also won the main singles the following day. A record 728 shooters entered the event. Ronald Sutton of Owings, MD was second. Sutton walked off with 5 trophies including the HOA. Stephen Ollock, last years Singles champion won the AAA trophy with 100. Attilio Fasano of Hamden, CT won the Friday Handicap with 100 straight. Another record entry of 736. Michael Guscott of West Chester, PA was runnerup. Debbie Ohye Neilson won the ladies award with 97. She has now won 22 awards since the Hogans moved to Elysburg in 2003. In the Class Doubles, William Hazlett, former GAH Champion broke 99 to win the top award. Joel Etchen was second. Another record entry of 434 shooters took the line for the event.

Saturday, September 9

A record 853 shooters went to the line in in Saturday's Westy Hogans Singles Championship on a perfect, sunny day at Elysburg. When the dust settled, three gunners fired perfect scores. Larry Shade won his third career major Westy Hogan title with 200 straight. He won the HOA and the Hogan's Challenge back in 2003. Carl Johnson of Otisville, NY was second with 200 while Sutton finished the top of AAA with 200. Debbie Ohye Neilson won the ladies prize, Mike Jordan of Moro, Illinois to the Vet title and Richard Smith of Port Byron, NY won the Sr. Vet trophy. In the late afternoon yardage shoot, John Toki broke a field high 98 to claim the top prize.

 Sunday, September 10

On Sunday Chris Vendel won the feature twins with 100x100, his second doubles title in a row. Chris has won 11 major Hogan trophies in his career. Ken Darroch finished second with 99x100. The ladies title went to Pat Mattes of Bel Air, NJ with a 96x100. Ronald Brunell (PA) topped the handicap with 98. Bob Malmstedt was second with the same score. Vendel was the all-around leader for the tournament with 395x400, his third in a row. Sutton took the HOA prize with 775x800.

Malmstedt won the Challenge Trophy, based on the combined score of the second 100 in the main singles plus the feature handicap. He also won the award in 2002.The Lady of America trophy was awarded on Friday's singles and second handicap events. Debbie Ohye Neilson earned the honor for her 197 tally, a four-bird lead over Catherine Marshall of Clementon, NJ. Ohye has now won 6 of these titles. Complete 2006 Results

Pat Mattes
Ladies Doubles Champion

Bob Malmstedt
Westy Hogans Challenge Winner