2012 Team Captains

       Kisthardt         Ameye       Hostetter        Etchen         Sandler  

Official Women's 2012 Pennsylvania All State Team
2000 Singles, 1000 Handicap, 500
State Team Requirements

Anna Mae Eberle
All Time Women's All State Team Leader with 36 selections.

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The PSSA would like to announce their official 2012 All State Teams. This is the 39th year the PSSA has honored the best shooters in Pennsylvania. Both Joel Etchen (3rd) and Stephanie Sandler  (7th) retained their captains positions from last year. Etchen has been selected to twenty all state teams, Sandler twelve. For the second straight year Sandler has led the state in composite averages, including singles, handicap and doubles. She is the only women to lead state composite averages. Other team captains include senior vet Vic Ameye for the first time, junior Cord Kisthardt for the first time and vet Sheldon Hostetter for the third time. State Hall of Famer Anna Mae Eberle  has been selected to 36 all state teams, last being selected in 2009. Stephen Ollock and Ken Darroch were selected for the 21st time, joining Emerson Bornmon as the most selections for men. All three men are also state Hall of Famers. Lisa Long was selected for the 18th time. Bruce Malone was selected for the 17th time while Steve Huber and Frank Pascoe were selected for the 16th time. Genevieve Davis  has 15 selections
1. Stephanie Sandler
12th selection
8th as Captain
2. Kim Bateman
8th selection
. .
3. Belinda Pascoe
12th selection 
4. Tammy Van Blargan
10th selection
5. Lisa Long
   18th selection
6. KayLynn Hamilton
9th selection 
. .
7. Kate Schmidt
9th selection
8. Genevieve Davis
15th selection
9. Susan Owens
2nd selection
10. Irene Patterson
10th selection

(Yellow indicates led state in that discipline) 

2012 Pennsylvania Women's All State First Team

Last Name First Name Town Singles Handicap Doubles Composite
SANDLER (Capt.) STEPHANIE NEW RINGGOLD        .9805 .9103 .9632 .9514
BATEMAN KIM SLIPPERY ROCK .9688 .8622 .8988 .9099
PASCOE BELINDA NEW CASTLE          .9673 .8682 .8840 .9065
LONG LISA WEST GROVE          .9407 .8804 .8683 .8965
HAMILTON BORNMAN KAYLYNN OLEY .9383 .8650 .8758 .8930
SCHMIDT KATE DUBLIN .9607 .8472 .8696 .8925
DAVIS GENEVIEVE SHOHOLA             .9170 .8248 .8818 .8745
OWENS SUSAN TIOGA .9324 .8818 .8000 .8714
PATTERSON IRENE ELKLAND             .9215 .8675 .8169 .8686

.(Casey Inks led state women in handicap average with .9146. Inks is a second team junior selection)
Stephanie Sandler composite average of .9514 led all shooters, men & women, for the second straight year)


2012 Pennsylvania Women's All State Second Team

Last Name First Name Town Singles Handicap Doubles Composite
HANSEN TAYLOR PITTSFIELD .9520 .8610 .7920 .8683
LOUGHRAN LINDA DOVER .9296 .8700 .8010 .8669
SHAFFER MICHELLE WINDBER             .9154 .9014 .7780 .8649
BOLAND TINA EBENSBURG            .9063 .8631 .8222 .8639
NATCHER DONNA EBENSBURG           .9513 .7891 .8421 .8608