by Richard Hamilton


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The March King, John Phillip Sousa

A stunning photograph of the legendary John Philip Sousa
in Philadelphia on June 10, 1916. He died in Reading, PA
in March of 1932

This very rare photograph of John Philip Sousa was taken in Philadelphia on June 10, 1916. Note his famous Sousa Grade Ithaca Single Barrel Trap Gun. He is a Trapshooting HOF enshrinee. Sousa was 62 years old when the photo was taken. He would die in Reading, PA on the evening of March 6, 1932. He had spent the day leading the famous Reading Ringgold Band. His last song for the day was Stars and Stripes Forever. As a trapshooter he ranks as one of the all-time greats, and his skill as a horseman met championship criteria. He also spent several years as the President of the old American Trapshooting Association. 

 A photograph of the legendary John Philip Sousa while in the Marine
Corp between 1880 and 1892. 

This photograph of Sousa was taken between 1880 and 1892 while he was the conductor of the United States Marine Corp. Band. Notice the Marine Corps emblem on his hat. He organized his own band in 1892 and the rest is what legends are made of.