Ligowsky Target
First Clay Target 1880

Elliott Ear Protectors
Store Sign

Live Pigeon Trap

Live Pigeon Trap

Bogardus Glass Ball Trap

Card Glass Ball Trap

Parker Pigeon Trap

Bussey Gyro Launcher

Bussey Tin Gyro
Reusable Targets

ATA Eastern Zone Medal
From Bradford, 1957

DuPont Trapshooting Medal

DuPont Trapshooting Medal

DuPont Trapshooting Medal


Collier Glass Shot Tower

Tathams Salesman's
Shot Display

Globe Shot Display
Paper Weight

Oldest Known Pigeon
Trophy 1836

Ithaca Gun Oiler

Winchester Gun Oiler

Winchester Gun Oiler

Winchester Gun Oiler


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PSSA Website Update!
January 1st, 2018

Please note that the PSSA has a new official website. This site can be reached at:

Note that the content on the current site will be preserved with the goal of making it the official site of the PSSA Hall of Fame.

2017 PA All-State Teams (Preliminary)
September 15th, 2017

The below file contains the preliminary results of the 2017 Pennsylvania All-State Teams.

2017 PSSA All State Teams (Preliminary)

Note that these team placements will become final on October 1st, 2017. Please email Pam Darroch immediately at with any changes or corrections.


Westy Hogans Results
September 11th, 2017

Below are the results of the 2017 Westy Hogans

Complete 2017 Westy Hogans Results


The PSSA would like to thank all those who pitched in to help with scoring and loading to help ensure the success of this popular shoot!


Grand American Results
August 14th, 2017

With another Grand in the books, 27 PA shooters took home trophies this year.

Leading the way with 19 was Debbie Ohye-Neilson. She had Lady II wins in the Winchester Class Singles, Clever Ammunition Handicap, Kubota Doubles, Federal Doubles Championship, EZ Go HAA, and Prize Possessions HOA. Her jusband and PA ATA Alternate Delegate Don Neilson won 6 Sub-Vet Trophies during both weeks.

New PA resident Chris Vendel secured 10 Sub-Vet trophies including the Winchester Class Singles and Prize Possessions HOA.

PA shooter Criona Doorly had a great 2 weeks and won 6 trophies. This included Lady II RU in the Remington Grand American Handicap.

PA Junior shooter Luke Cowart won 5 Trophies including the Kubota Doubles, RU in Federal Doubles Championship. Also 3rd’s in Winchester Class Singles and Browning Clay Target Championship.

Ian Fleming came close to going 3 for 3 with a win in the Browning Clay Target Championship. He ended up Junior Gold Champion after previously winning the PA State and ATA Eastern Zone Singles Championships.

Other PA shooters with trophy counts are:

4 – Cody Davis

3 - Evan Mood, Peggy Carney

2 - Christian Koerbler, Frank Pascoe, Bethany Breighner, Daniel Rodgers, Ken Darroch, and Doug Worrell

1 - Wayne Kreisel, Steve Huber, Genevieve Davis, Don Schaffer Jr, Ian Darroch, Dave Dubble, Daniel Bossio, Robyn Bird, John Manning, Sam Lubich, Adam Stefkovich and Kay-Lynn Hamilton.


Complete 2017 Grand Results


Eastern Zone Results
July 31st, 2017

Congratulations to all the Winners this past week at the ATA Eastern Zone Championships hosted by the PSSA.

PA State Singles Champion, Ian Fleming, added the Zone Singles Championship to his resume with a lone 200. John Kirksey was Runner-up with a 199 and extras.

Robert Nihtila Jr won the Doubles Championship with 100 in the program and was Runner-up in the HAA.

Past Doubles Champion, and 2017 HAA winner, Peter Tsementzis, was Runner-up with 99 and extras.

The Handicap again needed perfection to win and was secured by Raymond Bagley Jr.

Ian Darroch was Runner-up with 97 and also won the HOA with 978. His Father Ken Darroch was Runner-up with a 971.  

Complete 2017 Eastern Zone Results


New Website Coming Soon!
June 7, 2017

The new Webmaster is working hard on the new website for the PSSA. We appreciate your patience during this transition! 

State Shoot and PA Grand Results
June 3, 2017

The results for the PA State Shoot and PA Grand can be found below:

2017 Pennsylvania State Shoot Results

2017 PA Grand Results


Pennsylvania State Shotgunning Asso.
New Webmaster
June 2, 2017

The Pennsylvania State Shotgunning Association would like to announce that Jeff Graupp will take over the duties as the new webmaster of our web site. 

A Note From Skip Klinger
Director, Pennsylvania State Shotgunning Asso.
May 29, 2017

Our PSSA website has long been lifted as first rate, cream of the crop, top notch …well, you get the idea. The PSSA website has been the premier trapshooting website in the United States and we have Richard C. Hamilton to thank for that. In February of 1999, Richard started the website and we’ve never looked back. Routinely, Mr. Hamilton added something new. From historical information to little known fact to pictures from Dennis Spancake and Blue Dog Imaging - we could always be sure to find something interesting along with, of course, shoot results.

In addition to his longtime commitment to the PSSA website, Richard was the driving force behind our own Hall of Fame. As one of the premier state Halls of Fame, we can thank Richard for the room design, the acquisition of many artifacts, and the ongoing honoring of our finest inductees.

A top shooter, Richard has been named to the ATA Chairshooter All American Team four out of the past five years and has won more than won 44 major chairshooter titles in Pennsylvania, Maine, and the Eastern Zone. Richard now enjoys spending time on his farm in Fleetwood and at his antique shop at Renninger’s Antiques in Kutztown. We are grateful for all that you have done, Richard, and we wish you well.

Skip Klinger

End Of The Line
June 1, 2017

Moving forward from today, I have decided that now would be the best time to retire my association as web master of this web site. I conceived this site from the very beginning, back some 18 plus years ago. It is now time for "new blood" to continue the information flowing from the Pennsylvania State Shotgunning Association to the trapshooting community of Pennsylvania and for that matter the entire ATA community. Viewers from all over America, as well as the Keystone State, continue to view this web site daily. 

I wish to thank the entire board of directors, especially Skip Klinger and Chuck Fritzges, for their support through the years. All I did was chronicle all the work they did. I take great pride for what I accomplished with this web site but I take greater pride in the Hall of Fame. which I started many years ago. It is now in good hands.  

2017 Keystone Open
May 19-21, 2017

The 27th Keystone Open is now in the books. Robert Malmstedt of Somerville, NY won his second singles title on Saturday with a 200 straight. Evan Wood also broke a 200 straight in the event. Justin Slater broke a field high of 100x100 to win the doubles title. Justin is a two time singles champion. Jordan Smith of West Sunbury won the handicap crown, breaking a 96 from 25 yards. Eight gunners turn in scores of 96x100. Luke Cowart won the HAA while Kie Kababik won the HOA. Every event in the tournament saw increased entries from last year.  

PA Hall of Fame Exempt Status
Donations Now Tax Deductable

The most common type of US tax-exempt nonprofit organization falls under category 501(c)(3), whereby a nonprofit organization is exempt from federal income tax if its activities have the following purposes: charitable, religious, educational, scientific, literary, testing for public safety and fostering amateur sports like trapshooting.

Your donations to the Pennsylvania Trapshooting Hall of Fame are now tax deductable. 

Pennsylvania State Western Zone Shoot
West Penn Sportsmen's Club
May 6-7, 2017

Brandon Deal
Timothy Scott
James Johnson

Murreysville, May 10, 2017: The PSSA has received the names of the top winners of the of the PSSA Western Zone shoot held at the West Penn Sportsmen's Club on May 6th and 7th, 2017.  The singles championship was won by Brandon Deal. James Johnston won the doubles title while Timothy Scott won the handicap. Jeff Fenton collected the HAA title on the 400 championship targets. 

All Winners

Pennsylvania State Eastern Zone Shoot
Valley Gun and Country Club
May 6-7, 2017

Donald Feeg
Jacob Koons
Jon Zadzora

Elysburg, May 7, 2017: The PSSA has received the names of the top winners of the of the PSSA Eastern Zone shoot held at the Valley Gun and Country Club on May 6th and 7th, 2017.  The singles championship was won by Jon Zadzora. Donald Feeg won the doubles title while Jacob Koons won the handicap. Larry Shade collected the HAA title on the 400 championship targets. 

All Winners

2017 Pennsylvania State Shotgunning Asso
2017 Official Program

Click here for the 2017 Pennsylvania State Shotgunning Association Official Program.

Scorers Needed


Elysburg, PA, April 12, 2017: The PSSA is in need of scorers for the 2017 shooting season. We have 22 work days available for anyone over the age of 14 and you can work them all or pick your days. Scorers are required to pay attention to detail, be dependable, along with teamwork & communications skills. This is your opportunity to participate and work at the largest State Trapshooting Association in the country and earn some extra spending money! You will find the work enjoyable and meet folks from all over the United States, particularly from the North East.

Please call Skip Klinger, Executive Director at (717) 867-4269 with any questions or if you are interested?

 2017 Pennsylvania All State Teams 
April 13, 2017


Elysburg, December 14, 2016: The PSSA has announced their 2017 Pennsylvania All State Teams. Ian Recla is captain of the men's team, Debbie Ohye Neilson captain of the Ladies team, Phillip Criado captain of the Sr. Vet team, Larry Shade captain of the Vet team and Luke Cowart, captain of the Junior/Sub-Junior team.

 2017 Teams

 2017 Pennsylvania and National All Americans 
April 13, 2017


Twenty Pennsylvania shooters earned spots on the 2017 ATA All American teams. Three were named captains. Debbie Ohye Neilson, captain of the Lady I team, Frank Pascoe, captain of the Sub-Vet team and Luke Cowart, captain of the Sub-Junior Team. 

2017 Teams

2016 Westy Hogans
September 9-11, 2016

Brad Heath
Singles, HAA, HOA
Frank Lorah
Second High Score

The 2016 Westy Hogans is now history. The shoot, shot under perfect weather conditions, saw increased entries for all 5 events. The total entries were the highest since 2007.

Luke Coward, now shooting in the junior class, bagged the Event 1 Class Singles (639 entries) with a perfect 100 straight. Debbie Ohye Neilson (100) and Donna Natcher (99) turned in winning scores for the Lady 1 and Lady 2 categories. Doug Divello, a 24 yarder from Malone, NY, won the Event 2 Preliminary Handicap (590 entries) with a field high 99x100. Neilson won the coveted "Lady of America" crown, her eighth, combining Events 1 and 2 with 194x200. Michele Archambeault of Northboro, MA, was runner-up with 192. 

Saturday saw sunny skies greet the 658 singles entries. Brad Heath of Binghamton, NY, won the Event 3 Singles Championship with a perfect 200. It was his third major Westy Hogans title, having won the HOA back in 2007 and last years doubles title. Brad would go on to the the 2016 HAA and HOA titles. Other perfect scores were turned by Luke Cowart, Kennett Square, Lester Ott, Lock Haven, PA and Urban Womer, Skaneateles, NY. Ohye and Natcher repeated their wins from the day before in the two lady categories. 

Another great day greeted the 405 entries in the Event 4 Doubles Championship. Harlan Campbell, ten time All American Captain (22 selections) out of Tribune KS, turned in a field high 100 straight to win his second Hogans doubles title, last winning in 2013. Brad Heath won the Class AAA award with 98. Event 5, Amerigo Pagliaroli Handicap Championship, was won by Dave Bicknell, a 27 yarder from East Haven, CT. Dave had a field high 97x100 over 557 entries. Finishing one target behind was Frank Lorah Sr. of Fleetwood, PA. Frank took the Sr. Vet title. 

  2016 Grand American Handicap  
August  3-13, 2018
20 Sparta, IL

Debbie Neilson
18 Trophies
Luke Cowart
11 Trophies
Sheldon Hostetter
7 Trophies
Frank Pascoe
7 Trophies
Lisa Long
5 Trophies
Kim Bateman
4 Trophies
Donald Neilson Jr.
4 Trophies
Ian Recla
4 Trophies

Thirty One different shooters took home hardware from the 2016 Grand American. Debbie Ohye Neilson, Luke Cowart, Frank Pascoe, Lisa Long, Kim Bateman, Donald Neilson Jr., Ian Recla and Sheldon Hostetter led the haul of 94 state trophies. State gunners scored 117 trophies last year.

Complete Story 

ATA Eastern Zone Shoot
Cicero, NY
July 20-24, 2016

Stephen MacNeal
Jr. Singles
Steve Huber
Sub-Vet Singles

The annual ATA Eastern Zone shoot was held on the homegrounds of the NYSATA in Cicero, NY from July 20 to July 24th, 2016. Pennsylvania gunners came home with some impressive championship trophies.

Ian Darroch, Aliquippa, broke a field high 100x100 to win his second straight doubles title. Debbie Ohye Neilson, Audubon, won two major titles, winning the handicap crown with 99x100 and the HAA title with 392x400. Debbie also won the Lady 1 singles crown while Lisa Long, West Grove, won the Lady II singles award. Steve Huber, Orwigsburg, won the sub-vet singles award while Stephen MacNeal won the junior singles title.

The other two major titles went to Paul Shaw, Collingwood, Ontario with a perfect 200x200. The HOA title went to Justin Slater, Phelps, NY with 971x1000.

Pennsylvania Grand
July 1-3, 2016
Elysburg, PA

These two sub-juniors won 4 of the 5
main titles at the 2016 PA Grand.
Meghan Darrough (L) and Luke Cowart (R)

Elysburg , PA , July 3, 2016: The 44th PA Grand is now in the books. The three event opening day saw Chris Landon of Genoa, NY win the Independence Singles with 100 straight, the first of his two singles championships. He later broke a 200 to win the main Singles championship.  Terry Davis of Perkinsville, NY won the Independence Handicap with a field high 98x100. Justin Slater of Phelps, NY won the Independence Doubles with a 98.

Landon and Christian Koerbler of Germansville, PA and Lester Ott of Lock Haven broke 200's in the Singles championship on Saturday with Landon securing his singles title in a three way shoot-off. The Firecracker Handicap was won by Dawson Zadzora of Slatington, PA with a 97x100.

The third and final day saw sub-junior Luke Cowart win the Doubles crown with a 100 straight, after a tie with Donald Schaffer Jr. of Newtown, PA. The Handicap championship was won by another sub-junior, Meghan Darrough, of Drums, PA with a field high 99x100. Glenn Lash of Lowber, PA broke a 98 to finish second. Cowart also won the HAA and HOA titles. Cowart is also the state Singles champion.

Results, photographs
Earned Yardage
Options Payouts

Pennsylvania State Shoot
June 11-19, 2016
Elysburg, PA



Christopher Vendel and Mark Polojac

Elysburg , PA , June 12, 2016: The 15th Colonial Classic was once again a spectacular success. The weather was not as cooperative as last year as the shooters shot under cloudy, mild conditions. But like the recent Keystone Open, high winds on both days made the White Flyer targets dance, up and down, low than high, Low scores littered the scoreboard. Attendance was down in all the events, probably because of the high winds.

Christopher Vendel, a Junior Gold gunner from Rochester,NY won the Colonial Classic Singles Championship with a 198x200, one target better than his dad Chris Vendel. He out shot David Bicknell of East Haven, CT. After a shoot-off, Bicknell settled for the AAA award. David also had a 198x200.

Raymond Hughes of Street, MD won the Debbie Ohye Neilson Handicap with a 99x100 from 23 yards. The Debbie Ohye Neilson Doubles title went to William Natcher of Ebensburg with a 99x100. David Shaeffer Jr. of Reisterstown, MD also broke a 99x100. Miko Lewis of Portage, PA won the Children's Miracle Handicap with a field high 96 from 20.5 yards. Mark Polojac of Clinton, PA won the Colonial Classic Doubles with a field high 97x100. Frank Pasco of New Castle led the HAA with a 386x400, three targets better than Chris Vendel. The Miracle Network Children’s Option was shared by Otto Carl and Raymond Hughes.


David Darrough and Jack Noftz

Elysburg, PA, June 14, 2016: David Darrough won Monday's Hall of Fame Handicap with a field high 96 from 23.5 yards. Jordan Smith followed that with 100x100 to win the Hall of Fame Singles and Darrough won his second straight handicap title of the day, the Media Handicap, with a field high 97 from his new yardage, 24.5 yards. 

Tuesday was Cabela's Day at the 2016 state shoot. John Federici of Harrisville, RI, won the 200 target Cabela's Doubles race with 195x200. Stuart Printz of Northampton won the Cabela's Handicap and junior shooter Jack Noftz from Pittsburgh, won the Cabela's Singles. Noftz also won the Preliminary Days HOA title with 656x700.


Donald Schaffer Jr. and Luke Cowart

Bob McBride

Elysburg, PA, June 19, 2016: The 125th Annual Pennsylvania State Shoot is now history. 1,946 shooters from 32 states visited the historic PSSA  well groomed home grounds for the annual trapshooting extravaganza. PSSA was throwing White Flyer (New York style orange targets ( with a black rims) and their newly purchased PAT traps, in use for the second straight year. The weather co-operated somewhat, with hot, humid days for the entire shoot, with some rain and wind sprinkled in to make things interesting. Entries were up from last year with 583 more entries than 2015. 

Championship week started on Wednesday with the Attorney General Day events. Donald Schaffer Jr. of Newtown, PA won the RIO Ammunition Singles, Stanley Borascius of Schnecksville took the RIO Ammunition Handicap and Donald Schaffer Jr. this years state doubles champion, won the RIO Ammunition Ammunition Doubles. Schaeffer and Luke Cowart shared the Attorney Generals Cup with 292x300 on the three combined events. Schaffer won 14 awards for the week. Cowart won the state singles title along with 19 trophies.

In the Singles Championship, sub-junior Luke Cowart and Donald Schaffer Jr. each broke 200 straight in the event, than went on to set a state record in shoot-off targets when Cowart broke another 200 to Schaffer's 199 to claim the crown. Both are 2016 ATA All Americans. Cowart is the first sub-junior to win the big title. Steve Miller, Eric Busa, Ian Darroch, Justin Slater, John Krksey and Jake Levin also broke 200's. 

Donald Schaffer Jr. also won the state Doubles and his second straight HOA title. Debbie Ohye Neilson became the first women to win the state HAA title. Debbie also won the state Singles title back in 2013. Bob McBride of Millville won the state Handicap title with a 99 from 18.5 yards. He won a shoot-off over Bill Wolfe of nearby Paxinos, who led most of the day with his 99x100. 

Frank Legdon of Colver, PA won the Krieghoff Challenge in a large shootoff between the randomly picked numbers of 2 and 4. To be eligible for the shootoff your final score had to end with a 2 or 4. Legdon had a 92 in the event. He was awarded a K-80 ACS Combo for a work.

Results, photographs
Options Payouts
Earned Yardage

Krieghoff Challenge
Past Winners

Past Krieghoff Challenge Winners

2016 State Shoot (Twelfth Year)
Frank Legdon, Colver, PA

2015 State Shoot (Eleventh Year)
Jacob Madkiff, Kutztown, PA

2014 State Shoot (Tenth Year)
Vitalino Vas, Farmingville, NY

2013 State Shoot (Ninth Year)
Randy Parson, Shippensburg, PA

2012 State Shoot (Eighth Year)
Stanley Solkowski, Burlington, CT

2011 State Shoot (Seventh Year)
Harold Burkholder, Chambersburg, PA

2010 State Shoot (Sixth Year)
John Spangler, Irwin, PA

2009 State Shoot (Fifth Year)
Allen Peed, Hughesville, MD

2008 State Shoot (Fourth Year)
Larry Shade, Hamburg, PA

2007 State Shoot (Third Year)
Devi Ruthod, Dillsburg, PA

2006 State Shoot (Second Year)
Jacob Koons, Hegins, PA

2005 State Shoot (First Year)
Mike Johnson, Westfield, NY

K-80 Special Combo
Krieghoff Challenge
Pennsylvania State Shoot

Win a K-80 Special Combo in the Krieghoff Challenge at the PA State Shoot.


2018 Shoot Dates

East and West PA Zone Shoots

 PSSA Easter Zone May 12-13, 2018 - South End GC
 PSSA Western Zone May 12-13, 2018 - Bradford GC


Keystone Open: May 18-20, 2018
PSSA Colonial Classic: June 9-10, 2018 
PSSA State Shoot: June 11-17, 2018
Save a Pair for Breast Cancer Awareness: June 28, 2018 PA Grand: June 29-July 1  2018
PSSA Pre-Grand: July 26-29, 2018
Westy Hogans: Sept. 7-9, 2018

2016 All State

(effective: 11/7/2013)
Target Requirements:

Singles, Handicap & Doubles
Men: 2500-2000-1500
Women: 2000-1000-1000
Vets: 2000-1000-1000
Sr. Vets: 2000-1000-1000
Junior/Sub Jr: 2000-1000-1000
Shoot the HAA
at the 2015
PA State Shoot.

by Richard Hamilton

It appears back in the day state state shooters didn't take winning a state doubles title very serious. In 1946 Andy Long won the state doubles title with a "coin toss" over George Baldwin of West Chester.

Than in 1950 Orville Eberly won the doubles title when Al Mulhaupt did not show up for the shoot-off and forfeited the coveted (at least by today's standards) crown.

Did you know that a total of 9 PSSA shooters have achieved the ATA Grand Slam. To see who, click here.

Did you know that on June 15, 1988 Mel Krepps of Freedom, PA became the first PSSA shooter (61st nationally) to complete the "Grand Slam," when he broke a 100 straight in Doubles.

Did you know that the first three state shooters to achieve their AA77AA pin from the ATA were PA Hall of Famers, Tom Galligher, Frank Little and Bob Machamer. The year was 1986.

Did you know that in 1881 Rolla "Pop" Heikes broke 184 straight clay targets, a world record which "would probably never be equaled." He set this record in Corry, PA. Today the record is over 2000 straight.

Did you know that Frank Little broke 500x500 in the singles marathon at the 1989 PA Grand. It was only the 9th such score in ATA history at the time. Also the only 500x500 at the PSSA home grounds at Elysburg.

Charlie Newcomb was the first ATA delegate for the PSSA, 1923. Newcomb is an ATA and a PA Hall of Famer. 1923 was the first year the ATA used "state delegates." Of course, it was the first year of the ATA., 

Stephanie Sandler became the first lady to lead the state in composite averages for year. 2010.

Tyler Nunes of Sinking Spring became the first sub-Junior to win the state sub-junior singles championship four times.

Kim Bateman, Sonya Miller and Stephanie Sandler are the only women gunners to break 200x200 in the PA state singles championship.

Kim Bateman set the women's HAA record at the 2009 PA state shoot with a 391x400.

Since the first year (1927) Pennsylvania has had 494 All American selections. Data is current through the 2014 selections. Frank Little and Carolyn Elliott, PA Hall of Famers, each have 14 to lead the state men and women.

Allen Heil was the first Pennsylvania shooter selected to the All American Team, back in 1927.  

Since the first year in 1927-2011 there have been 6,745 shooters selected to various All American Teams. Many several times. Ray Stafford of Colorado has been selected to 43 All American Teams to lead all shooters.

Are you feeling down after you finished runner-up at the State Shoot. Well, the legendary ATA Hall of Famer from Conshohocken, Walter Beaver, finished second a record 18 times in the championship Singles, Handicap or Doubles. Data for the HAA and HOA is unavailable. I'm sure that number would be a lot higher if those figures were added to the 18 times listed above.

As one might expect, Kay Ohye has more 200 straights at the Pennsylvania State Shoot than any other shooter. He has 12. Stephen Ollock has 10. Frank Little and Chris Vendel each have 9.   Ken Darroch and Robert Malnstedt each have 7.Records are through the 2010 State Shoot.

That in 1932 Steve Crothers won all 5 major titles at the Pennsylvania State Shoot at North End Gun Club near Allentown. In 1994 Ken Darroch won 4 of the 5 titles. Anna Mae Eberle collected 4 of the 5 women's titles in 1979.

That the first State Shoot was held in Williamsport in 1892. 

That the highest HOA average at the State Shoot belongs to Ken Darroch with  a .9918 average in the 5 major events. In 1938 Walter Beaver had the second highest HOA average, .9877 in the 5 major events.

Carolyn Elliott and Frank Little have been selected to 14 All American Teams each, most in the State. 

Steve Crothers has either won or finished runner-up 46 times in the 5 major events at the PA State Shoot. (Singles, Handicap, Doubles, HAA or HOA)

Alice Crothers has completed the PA Average Grand Slam 5 times, leading the state in singles, handicap, doubles and composite average in the same target year. She led the state women for 5 straight years from 1930-1934. 

Frank Little has completed the PA Average Grand Slam 5 times, leading state men in singles, handicap, doubles and composite average in the same target year. 

Anna Mae Eberle was named captain of the women's All State Team 7 times, a state record. Sonya Miller is second with 6. (through 2010 teams)

Frank Little was named captain of the men's All State Team 12 times, a state record. David George is second with ten selections. Ken Darroch is third with eight selections. Anna Mae Eberle and Stephanie Sandler have earned seven captains spots. Sonya Miller, Mel Krepps and Tom Galligher each have 5 selections. (through 2011 teams)

That Frank Little has the highest singles average in state history. In 1987 his average was .9972. Charlie Sheckler had the first 99%+ average back in 1970 his singles average was 9920.

Sixty eight times Keystone State gunners have turned in averages of 99% or better. Stephen Ollock leads with 10 while the late Frank Little (passed away in 1993) also has 10. Tom Galligher (retired) has 7. The retired Dan DeDionisio has 5. (through 2009 averages)

William Hazlett on winning the 1980 Grand American. "All I can say is that I am from Pittsburgh and that's the city of Champions." William won a Jeep Cherokee, a wad of cash and a title he will hold for a lifetime. 

That in 1994 Ken Darroch broke a 1091x1100 in the State HOA. That's an average of .9918 folks. Walter Beaver has the second highest HOA average with .9877 in 1938. (642x650)

That the PSSA is the "father" of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, organized as a committee of the PSSA in 1895.

Pennsylvania shooters shot at 3,006,375 singles targets in 2004 and 3,134,300 in 2005 and in 2006 the shot 2,834,975. In 2007 they shot 2,720,375.

Pennsylvania has not won the State Team Race at the Grand since 1967. That's 48 years ago folks. Ohio has won 15 times, Illinois 14 times, Texas 8 and Pennsylvania and Kansas.7 times. 

That George Snellenberger broke the first 100 straight in Doubles in Pennsylvania on 5-26-68 at West Penn.

That Mel Krepps earned three veteran Trap and Field Averages Awards, 1993, 1994 and 1995. He was also the first shooter east of the Mississippi, to break 100 straight in Handicap from 27 yards. 

That Captain A. H. Bogardus broke 995x1000 glass balls at Bradford, PA in late 1878.

Bob Whitehead, Ralph Challingsworth and Sheldon Hostetter have the only 200 straights in winning the PA Vet singles title. Whitehead and Herb Jones won the vet title a record 4 times. 

In 1984 Emilie Peters became the only women to win the state handicap championship, breaking a 97 from 21˝ yards. She defeated L. M. Hamilton and another lady, the late Cathi Smith, in a shootoff. 

That George Baldwin finished 2nd in the PA Singles, Doubles and Handicap Championship twice each.

That David George has the only two 200 straights for a Senior Vet in winning the PA Sr. Vet title. He won the title a state record six times.

Since the first year that the PSSA has named All State Teams, there have been 1820 first and second team selections thru the 2011 team selections. Seventy selections are added each year.

Anna Mae Eberle has been selected to 35 All State Teams thru 2009 selections. 

Emerson Bornman leads all male active state shooters in All State selections with 22 thru 2011 selections.

Ken Darroch has finished runner-up in the PA Doubles Championship 5 times, winning once. He has amassed 18 major state titles.

Thomas Cherup holds the record for Junior State Singles titles with four.

Charles Sheckler was the first state shooter to have a .9900 singles average, back in 1970 (.9920)

Sonya Miller has the three highest women's singles averages, all over 98%. 1995, 2000, 2001.

Anna Mae Eberle won 23 major Pennsylvania State Women's championships. 

Steve Huber and Richard Kaysa are the only 27 yarders to win the PA Handicap title. Steve in 1992 and Richard in 1994. 

Ken Darroch holds the record for the highest HAA score at the state shoot with 397x400. Twice!!  


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